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watercolor and watercolor pencil

Up to now, I’ve only used watercolor pencils for sketching, as their chalky texture is rather at odds with a lot of what I’m trying to achieve in my finished pieces. But it turns out they are great for glinting up fish scales!

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fdasuarez:Falling from high places
Frida by meluseena/Lisa Falzon
Cathy by neeka/Kelsey Beckett
Strange thoughts by aditya777/Aditya Ikranegara
Unpredictable Gravity by camilladerrico
Transit of the Moon by Rob Rey/


beautiful hyper-realistic paintings by Mary Jane Ansell. Her technique consists of indirect method where she builds up many layers of increasing detail, firstly with a light charcoal sketch then building up a monochrome grisaille underpainting. Then finally adding colour with both transparent glazes and full bodied colour.

Town Of Skyscraper Trees - Chapter Two by yantotzkie/Iyan de Jesus
Miss bow tie by agnes-cecile/Silvia Pelissero/
Windsinger by theirison/Eric Jones
agnes-cecile:soft springtime
Lucas by xnhan00/Nguyen Thanh Nhan

Narkotikum (Oil on canvas, 36”x48”)
© Iyan De Jesus 2014


Narkotikum (Oil on canvas, 36”x48”)

© Iyan De Jesus 2014

reflections on a pleasant day

reflections on a pleasant day